2020 Peace by Piece Campaign

We’re all connected.

We’re all a part of the solution.

You can be an integral piece in bringing peace to survivors by supporting our efforts towards prevention and healing.

This October, SCCADVASA commemorates Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) 2020 with the launch of its Peace by Peace campaign. Domestic Violence Awareness Month is recognized nationally and in South Carolina and serves as a way to raise awareness and bring advocates across the nation together in an effort to end domestic violence.

By utilizing the image of a jigsaw puzzle, this year’s South Carolina Domestic Violence Awareness Month (#SCDVAM) theme reminds us that each piece of a puzzle is an important part of the whole. Domestic violence is a complex crime requiring multifaceted solutions. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) has many different manifestations including physical and emotional abuse, financial entanglement, use of licit and illicit substances, and misuse/abuse of children and its victims and survivors come from every part of the community – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and economic status.

“Every survivor’s situation is unique.” said Sara Barber, Executive Director of SCCADVASA. “As advocates, we recognize that survivors need various types of support in order to find safety. While the definition of peace may differ between survivors, we know that true safety and healing can be achieved by working together – putting support pieces in place to address the complex needs of victims and working to prevent the root causes of violence.”

What will be your piece of the puzzle?


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